Cisco, Utah

Another in my series of almost, semi-, and partially ghost towns. Cisco, Utah is off Utah route 128, coming from Moab towards Interstate 70. Once a bustling cattle town and then railroad town, it was bypassed when I 70 was built, and when railroads didn’t need as many section towns as they once did. Not particularly good country for making a living otherwise. So it bakes in the hot sun. And freezes in winter cold. At least three films have used the desolation for background, most notably Thelma and Louise. And it is NOT a ghost town because at least one house is permanently occupied. And the inhabitants rightly don’t appreciate the taggers, graffiti artistes, and just plain juveniles who attempt to trash whatever seems free to do so. I don’t blame them. I stayed on the main road to photograph and showed the proper respect. I hope others will too.

This has got be original. The squared logs are amazing. Note the sod roof.