Belvidere, South Dakota

Defunct store Belvidere SD HDR 1898 -2Junk cars Belvidere SD 1916-2Workshop tree Belvidere SD HDR 1902 -2Meat Market Belvidere SD clarity 1900Stream lined trailer Belvidere SD 1919-2Collapsing House Belvidere SD 1915-2Upstairs window 1915DSC_1922On our 16,000+ Kilometer (10,000 miles) trip this summer, we came back through South Dakota. Like almost all rural places, the tiny towns of the Dakota plains have been hit hard through the years. Their purpose long taken over by a few bigger towns or cities. I have an affinity for these sad places. Belvidere is only one. I don’t choose it to make light; it is merely one of the many we visited. There is an archeology of hope and dreams and Belvidere is rich in the artifacts of lost community life.

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