The Northern Rockies’ Route

Snow covered mountain II

Mid September first snow

Toad River

Toad River

Folded Mountain

Folding from mountain building


Muncho Lake

Muncho Lake

entering more mountains 1103

Beautiful drive…just amazing

Northern Lights

Northern Lights at Liard Hot Springs. Not a good pic cause it was handheld, and I was freezing. See, I got out of bed around 1 AM and looked outside. Then I ran outside wearing, well, very little. Not awake enough to grab tripod and other necessaries.  Stayed outside 20 minutes, shivering but totally into those Lights. You can never see them often enough.

In northern British Columbia, the Alaska Highway is route 97. It traverses the Northern Rockies which are, almost entirely, true wilderness.Wildlife everywhere..we saw Dahl’s sheep, caribou, bear, bison and mule deer. One of the most amazing roadtrips in the world. The Rockies section starts at Watson Lake, Yukon and ends at Fort Nelson, BC.




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