Keno..Just About the End of the Road

Keno Road near Elsa

Best part of the 44 Km dirt road to Keno. Mining trucks have chewed up the major part of the road.

Wind river Valley

Looking north east across the valley en route.

hammered metal building

This facade appears to be metal (possibly gas cans), flattened and painted.


Don’t get your hopes up…

No Gas here

Hasn’t been gas for years

Back streets of Keno


Three locals

Keno Locals


Logs and cabin

Who you gonna call?
Keno Hill was once a major hub for silver mining. Located 44 km from Mayo on a dirt road, it has a year round population of around 12. There once were ancillary mines around in the hills, with people living at them…like Wernecke, Calumet, and Elsa. All merely names on the map now. They were all communities, and Keno was the center. Now Keno has a really good Museum, a couple of cafes (possibly seasonal) and a hotel bar. Grocery shopping is in Mayo, where there is a general store/grocery. And a cardlock gas station.Nearest town is Dawson way to the north, and nearest city is Whitehorse way to the south. It doesn’t get much more remote than Keno.
Yeah, Keno was named after the gambling game. 

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